Thermal_Break Impaling Fastener with commercial building wrapThermal_Break Impaling Fastener wall patternThermal-Grip impaling fastener close up shot on liquid WRBThermal-Grip ci impaling washer, Grip-Deck ci screw, and impaling pin installationThermal-Break Impaling washersThermal_Grip Impaling Fastener holds mineral woolThermal_Break_IF_01-1

Thermal-Grip® Impaling Fastener

2″ dia. plastic washer used for attaching mineral wool and continuous rigid insulation (ci). Energy efficient impaling pin.

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Use with Grip-Deck screws/fasteners to attach rigid insulation including extruded polystyrene (XPS), polyisocyanurate (polyiso), expanded polystyrene (EPS), mineral/rock wool, etc.

Can be used to mechanically attach building wrap or can be installed directly over exterior gypsum sheathing prior to a liquid applied weather barrier.

  • Energy efficient thermal breaking technology
  • Maintains air barrier performance
  • Control moisture with drainage channel
  • For use with building wrap & liquid air barriers
  • Reduces penetrations — attach wrap and insulation
  • 2″ dia. washer with solid cap design (no keyholes
  • Impaling pin allows fast placement of insulation
  • Stiffened center “Bullseye” ring prevents fastener pull-through
  • Carbon Black UV Stabilizers

Click here for: Thermal-Grip® Impaling Fastener data sheet