CBW washer
Commercial Building Warp being attached with Grip-Lok autofeedCommercial Building Wrap attachment using Plasti-Grip CBW washers and Grip-Lok autofeed screw gun systemGrip-Lok autofeed fastening system attaching Commercial Building WrapCBW washer attaching TyparPlasti-Grip CBW washer

Plasti-Grip® CBW (Commercial Building Wrap) Washer

1-3/4″ diameter, white washer with keyholes. Primarily used for commercial building wrap applications, in addition to PM EIFS.

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Use with Grip-Deck® screws/fasteners to attach rigid insulation, commercial building wrap, metal & fiberglass lath, and stucco applications.

  • Round 1-3/4″ dia. plastic tapered plate
  • .050″ to .060″ thick
  • Center hole seals around fastener resisting water intrusion.
  • 6 pound boxes
  • Keyholes
  • Flat bottom for flush mounting
  • Flexible perimeter reduces tearing
  • Compatible with nails and screws
  • Click here for: Plasti-Grip CBW brochure page