Grip-Lok® Hurricane washer
3 inch Grip Lok washer with fluted masonry nailsfoundation insulation and drainage - attached with fasteners from Rodenhouse Inc

Grip-Lok® Hurricane Washer

3″  diameter, high-density polypropylene washer for attaching EPS foam board to various substrates in high wind-load areas. Also can be used to attach drainage board for foundation water-proofing systems.

[Hidden on Front-End]

Use with Grip-Deck screws/fasteners for PB EIFS systems, EPS foam board, and drainage fabric/waterproof systems. Available pre-assembled with screws for wood, steel, or concrete substrates to attach EPS foam in EIFS systems and drainage fabric for foundation waterproofing systems. For use in high wind-load areas.

  • Round 3″ dia. plastic tapered plate
  • .050″ to .060″ gauge thick – tapered.
  • Many key holes and slots for coating adhesion/bonding.
  • Sold in boxes of 1,000 pieces
  • Compatible with nails and screws
  • Prevents wind blow-off of insulation

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