CenterFire Straight Blade with utility hand set
CenterFire Straight Blade cutting through foam with reciprocating sawCenterFire Straight Blade with Reciprocating SawCenterFire Straight Blade cutting foam 2CenterFire Straight Blade cutting foamShut n Cut closes over mineral wool insulationUse CenterFire straight blade to cut mineral wool insulationShut n Cut and CenterFire straight  blade provide nice clean cut

CenterFire Straight Blade

7″ straight blade used to quickly and efficiently cut rigid foam.

[Hidden on Front-End]

Use with polyiso, XPS, EPS, and mineral wool.

  • 7″ blade
  • Blade fits in standard reciprocating saw
    or standard utility knife
  • Cuts cleanly without dust
  • Also available in kit which includes handle, blade, and sharpener

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