Grip-Lok auto feed with Bullseye adaptor
Bullseye with Thermal-Grip ci prong washerGrip-Lok autofeed system with Bullseye adaptorBullseye adaptor attaching Thermal-Grip ci prong washer

Grip-Lok® Auto-Feed System with Bullseye™ nose adaptor

The Grip-Lok® Auto-Feed System with Bullseye&#8482 nose adaptor allows for rapid attachment of insulation to steel or wood studs by quickly mating the Bullseye adaptor to the head of our Thermal-Grip ci washers.

[Hidden on Front-End]

Use with Thermal-Grip® ci prong washers.

  • Manufacturer tested, recommended, and approved
  • Adjustable depth control prevents overdrive of ci washer
  • Available with collated screws up to 3″ in length

GIF showing the Bullseye System sequence